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Song 54 – Love for Sale

SONG: Love For Sale ARTIST: Billie Holiday YEAR: 1954 Listen to it here:  THE SONG: Love for Sale caused a bit of a hullabaloo when it was introduced to the world by Kathryn Crawford in 1930.  Cole Porter had written the song for the musical The New Yorkers and was written from the point ofContinue reading “Song 54 – Love for Sale”

Album 6 – Ellington at Newport

ALBUM TITLE: Ellington at Newport ‘56 ARTIST NAME: Duke Ellington YEAR OF RELEASE: 1956 Favourite Song: Holly: Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue Kelly: Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue ALBUM HISTORY: Ellington at Newport was recorded on July 7th 1956 and released later that year, and featured Duke Ellington and his band’s live performance at theContinue reading “Album 6 – Ellington at Newport”

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