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Song 27 – Lili Marlene

SONG: Lili Marlene ARTIST: Marlene Dietrich YEAR: 1945 Listen to it here:  THE SONG: Lili Marlene started off in the world as a three verse poem, written by a German school teacher who had been conscripted into the German army in 1915. The poem was called “The Girl Under the Lantern”, and Lili Marlene wasContinue reading “Song 27 – Lili Marlene”

Song 24 – Stormy Weather

SONG: Stormy Weather ARTIST: Lena Horne YEAR: 1943 Listen to it here:  THE SONG: Stormy Weather was written by Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler in 1933 and premiered at the Cotton Club by Ethel Waters that same year.  The song gained so much traction so quickly that the same year it was released, a GermanContinue reading “Song 24 – Stormy Weather”

Song 22 – Guantanamera

SONG: Guantanamera ARTIST: Joseito Fernandez YEAR: 1941 Listen to it here:  THE SONG: Guantanamera started off as a poem of four verses by Cuban poet Jose Marti and set to music by Joseito Fernandez as early as 1929.  Although the lyrics to the song are often improvised, the most common lyrics sung by Fernandez areContinue reading “Song 22 – Guantanamera”

Song 21 – Gloomy Sunday

SONG: Gloomy Sunday ARTIST: Billie Holiday YEAR: 1941 Listen to it here:  THE SONG: Very unfortunately, this song is also known as “The Hungarian Suicide Song”. It was a popular song composed by Hungarian pianist and composer Rezső Seress and the original title translates to “The World is Ending.” It was a song about despairContinue reading “Song 21 – Gloomy Sunday”

Song 20 – Java Jive

SONG: Java Jive ARTIST: The Ink Spots YEAR: 1940 Listen to it here:  THE SONG: Java Jive was written in 1940 by Ben Oakland and Milton Drake as a fad song and recorded later that year by The Ink Spots.  Their version reached number 17 on the charts and is seen as a light-hearted departureContinue reading “Song 20 – Java Jive”


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