Song 41 – Rocket 88

SONG: Rocket 88 ARTIST: Jackie Brenston & His Delta Cats YEAR: 1951 Listen to it here:  THE SONG: “Rocket 88” was originally recorded in Memphis, Tennessee in March of 1951, which is the version we’re listening to today. It was credited to “Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats”, who were actually “Ike Turner and hisContinue reading “Song 41 – Rocket 88”

Song 39 – Goodnight, Irene

SONG: Goodnight, Irene ARTIST: The Weavers YEAR: 1950 Listen to it here:  THE SONG: What has become a 20th century American folk standard, started as a song written by and first recorded by blues musician Huddie ‘Lead Belly’ Ledbetter in 1933. For more information on Leadbelly, please see our review of Song 20 – GallisContinue reading “Song 39 – Goodnight, Irene”

Song 37 – Autumn Leaves

SONG: Autumn Leaves ARTIST: Jo Stafford YEAR: 1950 Listen to it here:  THE SONG: “Autumn Leaves” was composed by Joseph Kosma, with original lyrics by Jacques Prevert (French lyrics) and later English lyrics by Johnny Mercer.  Joseph Kosma was a Hungarian composer who met Jacques Prevert in Paris. They collaborated on a few songs andContinue reading “Song 37 – Autumn Leaves”

Song 35 – Saturday Night Fish Fry

SONG: Saturday Night Fish Fry ARTIST: Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five YEAR: 1949 Listen to it here:  THE SONG: Today, we’re welcoming another song from the jump blues genre: Saturday Night Fish Fry, written by Louis Jordan and Ellis Walsh, and made famous by Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five.  The first recording ofContinue reading “Song 35 – Saturday Night Fish Fry”

Song 33 – Good Rockin’ Tonight

SONG: Good Rockin’ Tonight ARTIST: Roy Brown YEAR: 1947 Listen to it here:  THE SONG: Depending on who you talk to, this “jump blues,” released in 1947 is one of the first, or maaaaybe the very first rock’n’roll song ever! Roy Brown wrote the song in 1946, and he and his pianist knew right awayContinue reading “Song 33 – Good Rockin’ Tonight”

Song 31 – La mer

SONG: La mer ARTIST: Charles Trenet YEAR: 1946 Listen to it here:  THE SONG: Charles Trenet claims that he wrote an early version of La mer’s lyrics as a 16 year old in a poem, years before he came up with a melody. The melody came to him while on a train travelling between MontpellierContinue reading “Song 31 – La mer”

Song 29 – Al gurugu

SONG: Al Gurugu ARTIST: La Nina de los Peines YEAR: 1946 Listen to it here:  THE SONG: This song is in the flamenco tradition, featuring La Nina’s voice, flamenco guitar, and hand clapping. The title, Al Gurugu, is apparently just a gibberish word, similar to naming a song in english doo-doo-doo-doo. Added to these gibberishContinue reading “Song 29 – Al gurugu”

Song 27 – Lili Marlene

SONG: Lili Marlene ARTIST: Marlene Dietrich YEAR: 1945 Listen to it here:  THE SONG: Lili Marlene started off in the world as a three verse poem, written by a German school teacher who had been conscripted into the German army in 1915. The poem was called “The Girl Under the Lantern”, and Lili Marlene wasContinue reading “Song 27 – Lili Marlene”

Album 3 – Tragic Songs of Life

ALBUM TITLE: Tragic Songs of Life ARTIST NAME: The Louvin Brothers YEAR OF RELEASE: 1956 Favourite Song: Holly: Let Her Go, God Bless Her Kelly: Let Her Go, God Bless Her ALBUM HISTORY: Well, for the first album, I got to review depressing Sinatra songs, and now I get to review depressing, but upbeat countryContinue reading “Album 3 – Tragic Songs of Life”

Song 25 – Rum and Coca Cola

SONG: Rum and Coca Cola ARTIST: Lord Invader YEAR: 1943 Listen to it here:  THE SONG: This is the first Trinidadian calypso we’ve had on the blog, and right now, I’m really enjoying getting to hear all of these songs that are part of the history of places I’ve never been and don’t know muchContinue reading “Song 25 – Rum and Coca Cola”