Song 125 – Lazy River

SONG: Lazy River ARTIST: Bobby Darin YEAR: 1961 Listen to it here:  THE SONG: (Up a) Lazy River was written by Hoagy Carmichael and Sidney Arodin in 1930. It has been recorded hundreds of times and is now considered a jazz and pop standard.  THE ARTIST: For more information on Bobby Darin, check out ourContinue reading “Song 125 – Lazy River”

Song 123 – Spanish Harlem

SONG: Spanish Harlem ARTIST: Ben E. King YEAR: 1960 Listen to it here:  THE SONG: Spanish Harlem was written by Jerry Leiber and Phil Spector and was first recorded by Ben E. King in 1960. The famous riff to the song was originally conceived by Spector and his then-girlfriend Beverly Ross. She was shocked toContinue reading “Song 123 – Spanish Harlem”

Song 121 – Shakin’ All Over

SONG: Shakin’ All Over ARTIST: Johnny Kidd & The Pirates YEAR: 1960 Listen to it here:  THE SONG: “Shakin’ All Over” was written by the leader of Johnny Kidd & the Pirates, Johnny Kidd himself. It reached number 1 in the UK, but was not a hit outside Europe, and is much better known byContinue reading “Song 121 – Shakin’ All Over”

Song 119 – Love Hurts

SONG: Love Hurts ARTIST: The Everly Brothers YEAR: 1960 Listen to it here:  THE SONG: “Love Hurts” was written and composed by the American songwriter Boudleaux Bryant. The recording we’re listening to today is the first ever recording of this song, by the Everly Brothers in July 1960, but the song is much better knownContinue reading “Song 119 – Love Hurts”

Song Review 117 – The Click Song

SONG: The Click Song (Qongqothwane) ARTIST: Miriam Makeba YEAR: 1960 Listen to it here:  THE SONG: This song is called Qongqothwane, and is a traditional song of the Xhosa people of South Africa. Traditionally, it’s sung at weddings to bring good fortune to the couple. The Xhosa title literally translates to “knock-knock beetle” which isContinue reading “Song Review 117 – The Click Song”

Song 115 – Chaje Sukarije

SONG: Chaje Shukarije ARTIST: Esma Redzepova YEAR: 1960 Listen to it here:  THE SONG: Chaje Shukarije means “The Little Gypsy Girl” and the song, written by Esma Redzepova, has been described as an anthem for Yugoslavia before it became a part of Macedonia. The lyrics of the song describe a boy whose unrequited love hauntsContinue reading “Song 115 – Chaje Sukarije”

Song 113 – Wondrous Place

SONG: Wondrous Place ARTIST: Billy Fury and the Four Jays YEAR: 1960 Listen to it here:  THE SONG: Wondrous Place was written by Jeff Lewis and Bill Giant, and was first recorded by the American singer Jimmy Jones in May 1960. Billy Fury’s version came out just a few months later in September of thatContinue reading “Song 113 – Wondrous Place”

Song 111 – Mack the Knife

SONG: Mack the Knife ARTIST: Bobby Darin YEAR: 1959 Listen to it here:  THE SONG: Mack the Knife, or The Ballad of Mack the Knife has a history long before Bobby Darin ever got his hands on it. It was originally a murder ballad song composed by Kurt Weill with lyrics by Bertolt Brecht inContinue reading “Song 111 – Mack the Knife”

Album 13 – Machito

ALBUM TITLE:  Kenya ARTIST NAME: Machito YEAR OF RELEASE: 1958 Favourite Song: Holly: Kenya Kelly: Holiday ALBUM HISTORY: This album comes from a time when Hollywood used afro-cuban jazz for a lot of things – suspense, bombastic chase scenes, and really anything even vaguely exotic. There were a lot of dime-a-dozen afro-cuban bands around, andContinue reading “Album 13 – Machito”

Song 109 – Ne me quitte pas

SONG: Ne me quitte pas ARTIST: Jacques Brel YEAR: 1959 Listen to it here:  THE SONG: “Ne me quitte pas” (“Don’t Leave Me”) was written and performed first by Belgian singer-songwriter Jacques Brel and is considered by some as “Brel’s ultimate classic.” He wrote it after his mistress threw him out of her life. TheContinue reading “Song 109 – Ne me quitte pas”