Song 18 – The Gallis Pole

SONG: The Gallis Pole ARTIST: Lead Belly YEAR: 1939 Listen to it here:  THE SONG: Gallis Pole aka Gallows Pole was originally a centuries-old folk song of unknown origin titled The Maid Freed from the Gallows.  The song may have originated in continental Europe, more specifically Finland, Sweden, Lithuania and Hungary, with over 50 notedContinue reading “Song 18 – The Gallis Pole”

Song 6: St James Infirmary Blues

SONG: St James’ Infirmary ARTIST: Armstrong and his Hot Five YEAR: 1929 Listen to it here: THE SONG: St James Infirmary was made famous by Louis Armstrong, but no one knows for sure the origins of this song or the author.  A man named Joe Primrose is often credited with the song, holding theContinue reading “Song 6: St James Infirmary Blues”

Song 3: Allons à Lafayette

SONG: Allons à Lafayette ARTIST: Joe & Cleoma Falcon YEAR: 1928 Listen to it here: THE SONG: This is our first “B-side” classic. This song appeared on the B side of a 78 released by Joe Falcon and Cleoma Breaux in 1928. It’s based on an even older folk song called “Jeunes gens campagnard”Continue reading “Song 3: Allons à Lafayette”