Album 14 – Here’s Little Richard

  ALBUM TITLE: Here’s Little Richard ARTIST NAME: Little Richard YEAR OF RELEASE: 1957 Favourite Song: Holly: Tutti Frutti Kelly: Tutti Frutti ALBUM HISTORY: Here’s Little Richard was recorded between September 14, 1955 and October 15, 1956 and was released on March 4th 1957.  Tutti Frutti had already proved to be a hit single soContinue reading “Album 14 – Here’s Little Richard”

Album 13 – Machito

ALBUM TITLE:  Kenya ARTIST NAME: Machito YEAR OF RELEASE: 1958 Favourite Song: Holly: Kenya Kelly: Holiday ALBUM HISTORY: This album comes from a time when Hollywood used afro-cuban jazz for a lot of things – suspense, bombastic chase scenes, and really anything even vaguely exotic. There were a lot of dime-a-dozen afro-cuban bands around, andContinue reading “Album 13 – Machito”

ALBUM 11 – Palo Congo

ALBUM TITLE: Palo Congo ARTIST NAME: Sabu YEAR OF RELEASE: 1957 Favourite Song: Holly: Rhapsodia del Marvaillosa Kelly: Rhapsodia del Marvaillosa ALBUM HISTORY: Palo Congo is the first album by conguero (a person who plays congas) Sabu Martinez, and features the brothers Arsenio, Raul, and Quique Rodriguez. The album was released on Blue Note inContinue reading “ALBUM 11 – Palo Congo”

Album 10 – Brilliant Corners

ALBUM TITLE: Brilliant Corners ARTIST NAME: Thelonius Monk YEAR OF RELEASE: 1956 Favourite Song: Holly: I Surrender, Dear Kelly: Pannonica ALBUM HISTORY: Brilliant Corners was recorded by bebop pianist Thelonious Monk and his band of heavy hitters (most notably Sonny Rollins on tenor sax and Max Roach on drums) on October 9h, 15th and DecemberContinue reading “Album 10 – Brilliant Corners”

Album 3 – Tragic Songs of Life

ALBUM TITLE: Tragic Songs of Life ARTIST NAME: The Louvin Brothers YEAR OF RELEASE: 1956 Favourite Song: Holly: Let Her Go, God Bless Her Kelly: Let Her Go, God Bless Her ALBUM HISTORY: Well, for the first album, I got to review depressing Sinatra songs, and now I get to review depressing, but upbeat countryContinue reading “Album 3 – Tragic Songs of Life”

Album 2 – Elvis Presley

ALBUM TITLE: Elvis Presley ARTIST NAME: Elvis Presley YEAR OF RELEASE: 1956 Favourite Song: Holly: Trying To Get To You Kelly: I Got A Woman ALBUM HISTORY: Elvis Presley by Elvis Presley was released on March 23rd 1956 but had been recorded throughout a period of a year and a half.  Some of the recordingsContinue reading “Album 2 – Elvis Presley”

ALBUM REVIEW #1 – In the Wee Small Hours

ALBUM TITLE: In the Wee Small Hours ARTIST NAME: Frank Sinatra YEAR OF RELEASE: 1955 Favourite Song Holly: In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning Kelly: Mood Indigo ALBUM HISTORY: This depressing record is Sinatra’s 9th studio album. It was recorded at a time in Sinatra’s career where he had just divorced his secondContinue reading “ALBUM REVIEW #1 – In the Wee Small Hours”